Year round Turnout for the Horse

LOVED THIS ARTICLE which touches on importance of year round turnout for the horse.

Recently a lady came to me who was looking for livery. As always I raised one of our main selling points, I feel, which is that we have year round grazing.

She questioned the value of this as she felt there was no nutritional benefit to the grazing in the winter.

As this article begins to explore there are FAR MORE ADVANTAGES to allowing a horse time at pasture other than simply for nutritional benefits.

It is PARAMOUNT to me to allow horses time to be horses. I feel we (rightly) have high expectations of them, to perform, to conform and to behave. They are social animals, they love friendships and interaction with each other. They are highly intelligent, the change of scenery alone is good for their mind and their bodies.

Year round grazing is something which, in the west of Scotland in particular, is expensive to provide but I believe they are worth it, their mental health is worth that £2k worth of stone (per gateway or drain) buried never to be seen again, or 3 days harrowing, 2 days rolling and more money on Lime, seed and fertilizer to fix winter paddocks. It is money invested to provide them with as natural an environment and routine as is possible.

What are your thoughts on turnout?

I know many will disagree with me!!

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