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Our Approach

Having been a livery client all my life and also working on a variety of yards throughout my teens and 20's I began developing a picture in my head of what my ideal yard would look like.
How it would feel to be there.

I knew from several yards I worked and liveried at that tight corridors and space made the horses anxious. I wanted HUGE corridors and stables.

I saw horses get shut up behind barred doors, I wanted open fronts.

I saw horses inside for months on end, I wanted them out in the fields in herds with friends.

For the liveries, I was fed up walking miles to get feed, tack, hay, bedding back to my stable to my horse, I wanted it all under one roof!

I didn't like dirty water buckets caused by being on the floor and I wanted water drinkers.

I knew horses got annoyed with barred sides on their stables as they felt threatened at feeding time, I wanted solid sided stables.

At one yard in particular I was sick of wire injuries and poor fencing, I wanted post and rail fencing, safe and solid.

All the other aspects and design ideas that now are seen in Thornhill came to me piece by piece over the 15 years working in the industry, before we opened, observing horses and working in and around several different facilities.

By the time I was submitting planning for Thornhill Stables I knew what I wanted and I built it.

Thornhill Stables was born, constructed by my fabulous husband, we spared no expense in setting up the idyllic yard. Which we constantly aim to improve and keep current with additional facilities.

With regards to the people, the liveries, the staff, the customers. I have been exceptionally fortunate and have clients with me who have been here almost as long as we have. Our staff are very caring and knowledgeable, always going the extra mile to make our liveries and their horses lives easier. Everyone on the yard is very supportive of each other whither your interest is hacking or high level competing or even if your horse is retired everyone is welcome and all abilities are represented in our 30 residents.  

I treat every horse as if it were my own, my husband and I live onsite and there is always someone knowledgeable around even in our absence our house sitters are knowledgeable on horse care and procedures. We have a network of CCTV and our facility is gated with a coded entry system for added security.

Come see it for yourself! #horseyhilton

Next Steps...

If you are interested in boarding your horse at Thornhill Stables the first step is to contact Elaine to have a preliminary chat and arrange a walk around. 07884 254 173