Year Round Turnout

With 55 acres of grazing and limited stabling our business is structured around our equine residents. It was very important to us to be able to offer year round turnout for all who wanted to take advantage of it. Horses kept at grass are in a more natural environment and I strongly believe this is beneficial not only from a health perspective but also required for horses' mental wellbeing.

Our horses run in herds of mares and geldings, in fields which are all post and rail.

Fields are harrowed, seeded and rolled on an annual basis to ensure grazing is available all year, gateways are stoned to reduce the effects of the Scottish climate and in summer we do have the option of grazing 24/7 available. We spend time every spring to ensure good quality year round turnout remains available to all.

Should you feel individual grazing is required or preferred for your horse then this is a supplementary option outwith our livery packages but is definitely something we can endeavour to provide dependant on availability of our 6 individual turnout paddocks.

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Excellent Facilities

We are constantly striving to improve our facilities for our clients. With our aim to provide all you require under one roof.

Recent additions include new Silica sand and Combi - Ride surface on our huge flood lit outdoor. Also last year our fabulous Grand prix range dressage mirrors were installed to aid with higher levels of dressage training and even beginners can benefit from the ability to view their riding position. In our fields last year money was invested in new seed and fertilizer to dress the winter grazing which has ensured consistent grazing through the long wet winter.

We are planning more improvements all the time as we strive for excellence in all we do.



We aim for best practice in all that we do at Thornhill Stables. We are proud to have been a BHS approved yard since 2013 when the scheme began.

We must reapply every year to maintain this credential and continually strive for improvements on the yard year on year.

Our staff are all knowledgeable and know the standards they are expected to work towards so you can rest assured your horse is always in safe hands.

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